Lympha Obscura

[Ghosts from the Voynich Manuscript]

Soft-cover Photo-booklet with cardwallet CD - limited to 250 copies.
High quality paper, pro-printed for the best visual experience.
Includes the original photos, the lyrics and an intro by Jacopo Fanò.

The Voynich manuscript is one of the most mysterious books in history: a scientific or magical text hand-written in an unidentified, ciphered language apparently dating back to the Italian Renaissance, thoroughly illustrated with obscure and puzzling images of unknown plants, cryptic female figures, unique astronomical diagrams.

Lympha Obscura, ghosts from the Voynich manuscript is a collaborative work by music/video art duo DBPIT & XxeNa and photographer Daniele Pinti inspired by the intriguing dark aura of the book.

Music and photographs together form a layered path through the manuscript's still unsolved enigma.

Photos: Daniele Pinti

Music: DBPIT & XxeNa

special guest: Fabio Magnasciutti [lyrics and vocals]

label: Naked Lunch recs. oct 2015